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B-boy Taki Rock

Konstantinos Thodoris is also known as b-boy Taki Rock and he was born in 1989. Since 2004 he is an active member of the Side Effect crew with whom he has competed in many local events but he also organizes jams, dance festivals and seminars with well-known dancers of this dance. He has also been in competitions and events as a judge, like Athens Hip Hop Festival ιν 2011, while he has some trophies under his belt like his 1st place at I Know You Got Soul in Athens back in 2012 and the 8th place at Freestyle Session Europe 2012 and at Southern Madness 2009 in Germany.

He also attended seminars of world famous dancers like Waveomatic, Crumbs and Ken Swift from USA, as also some others of equal importance.

In the last few years he started classes of modern ballet with Konstantinos Tsakirelis, as also many seminars (Gianluca Girolami, Μαριέλα Νέστορα, Κατερίνα Σκιαδά). He is member of the Echtagi modern dance crew with whom he has co-worked with choreographers like Konstantinos Tsakirelis and Olia Lydaki. He has also took part in many projects and performances like “Cubism” for TEDx Heraklio.

He is also a choreographer and a dance teacher. He teaches Breaking and Hip Hop at the Dance Center of Municipality of Heraklio as also some other dance schools. Since 2007 he is responsible of the Breaking class of the University of Crete’s dancing team.

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  • Crew
    Side Effect / Cretativity / Breakings
  • Type
    B-boying (Breaking), Hip Hop Party Dance
  • Moments
    1st place I Know You Got Soul 2012, 8th place Freestyle Session Europe 2012, 8th place Southern Madness Germany 2009
  • Base
    Heraklio, Crete
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