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We are very proud that we at Hood Groove Management received the Best Dance Group Management Firm award at the latest LUX Global Hospitality Awards 2019 organized by Lux Life Magazine. Lux Life Magazine is a global magazine that cover art, culture, travel, fashion, new brands, philanthropy events and style.

As a global magazine it is being distributed worldwide in a digital form and with points of sale for the physical form in London, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Milan. Nice, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong. The magazine contacted us couple of month back where they informed us that we have all what is needed to be part of their LUX Global Hospitality Awards. We applied that we are interested to take part in it and couple of months later we go the answer that we were CROWNED  as the Best Dance Group Management Firm for 2019, that proves that we are the best talent agency in the world.

The award ceremony will take place in October and from that point on Hood Groove Management will be part of the official Press Release and we will be referenced within the magazine. Congratulations to the whole team of management and artists!


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Best Dance Group Management Firm - Global Hospitality Awards 2019 Street Entertainment Company of the Year - Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020

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