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Hood Groove Management is a new innovative company that does something that no one else has done till now. Our agency focuses in collecting all street style artists of Hip Hop culture in one place. That's what differentiate us from other companies/agencies.

Our artists, either they are b-boys or poppers or lockers or hip hop party dancers, DJs, Rappers, Graffiti writers, Beatboxers etc have worked individually in many types of projects. From TV commercials to magazine photoshoots and from night clubs shows to promotional events and generally whatever someone can think of. By creating Hood Groove Management we have a roster of individual artists and crews that cover availability issues and we can keep up with any project asked.

We created a point of reference in order anyone to be able to find a dancer through us that will cover their needs.

They are not just artists. They are the best artists in their craft, with many titles in international contests.


The idea

The person behind our company is George Kavvalakis. A guy who is a hip hop scholar but he is also in the business market over a decade. He is known as b-boy Blackman.

George holds a BSc degree in Business Information Systems and a Master s degree in Information Technology Management. He is also certified in many technologies and he is an active member of the IT community named autoexec.gr. He has been also a speaker in technology conventions like IT Pro|Dev Connections. In 2019 he WON the Top 100 Leaders Award in Global Healthcare for his great work in the industry as a CIO.

He has worked on many projects in IT level, but also dealt with projects in marketing, promotional and commercial level.  He is also experienced in the field of racing and tuned cars where he used to work as an author for well-known automotive magazines.

He got to know Hip Hop culture from a young age. Back in 2010 he started dancing again when he met his first teacher Michael Zeitinidis, who was a true inspiration for him. His teacher got him into breaking and popping. In 2011 he started collaborating with a team of people and together they started a series of lectures named Do You Know What Hip Hop is? in order to spread the knowledge of hip hop culture, its history and its influences. This had never been done before in Greece.



Any street style dancer who is interested joining our roster can sent their CVs at info @ hoodgroove.com


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Best Dance Group Management Firm - Global Hospitality Awards 2019 Street Entertainment Company of the Year - Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020

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