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The website www.hoodgroove.com is our company's presenation on the interner that provides usefull information about us.

Any given information, news and realtive data of any kind are for informational and consulting type and are being provided at no cost.

The website informs all visitor that no personal info and no action is needed to be given. All artists that are in our webpage have given us the authorization to promote their profiles as part of our mutual agreement.

Any user can visit our webpage and to reproduce any material from it, by printing them or saving them on their personal computer for their own personal use.

Any other type of use like sharing in other webpages or on any other conventional types of media, you need our written acceptance / term of use and always by having our link included.

You can link back to our webpage at your own will and choice, but you are forbitten to change any the info provided, or reshaping any page of files, webpages and in generally of any information tha can be found in our website.

Our website does not collect any personal data. Any email given is stored in our website database. Any data shared through our communication form that can be found in our website in order any visitor to communicate with us, are not being stored in any type of database and are being used only for communication purposes between the visitor and the webpage. Those information are not available for any kind of use.

Links to other websites or webpages and the rest of the information or services that come from them, are not being checked from us for their availability, content, secutiry policy of personal data, or the quality and complicity of their cervices. Each webpage is responsible for their own terms of use. Our webpage is NOT responsible for any kind of damage caused by visiting content of other webpages. Each visitor is responsible for his whatever damage maybe caused from the bad use of any kind of information.

By browsing in "www.hoodgroove.com" means that you accept all terms of service.


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