Hood Groove Management Destination One and Grecos Project at Kos 2016

Destination One and Grecos Project at Kos 2016

We partnered with Destination One and we created a show for 180 Polish tour operators that we performed at the island of Kos at the 24th of October.

Our show lasted 40 minutes and it was divided in three sections. Ten of our dancers worked for this one and they were Virtuozo and Angela (Hip Hop freestyle), b-boy Onel and b-boy Aidi (breaking) and six of our popping crew The Music Box.

Our performance at the gala for those 180 tour operators started with the Cypher section, were all of the dancers showed their skills respectively. Virtuozo and Angela also showcased three routines during the cypher.

The second section it was a battle between our b-boys. Everyone watched a truly great performance from the two breakers as they did their best to entertain but also to battle like they would have in an actual competition.

Our show closed with The Music Box performing their Hot Hot Burgers’ project adding the two b-boys (Onel and Aidi) and with a few changes. It was an amazing closing to a full 40 minutes of unique dancing skills, of true street styles artform and the meaning of having fun.

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    Full Hip Hop Showcase (40 minutes)
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    Kos island
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