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In Hood Groove Management we represent dancers and crews from the so-called Street Styles of dancing. We focus on those dance styles that deal mainly with Hip Hop culture and those are Breaking/Popping/Locking/Hip Hop Party Dancing. In some cases we represent dancers from Housedance, Waacking/Voguin or Dancehall.

Our goal is to promote our dancers-colleagues to the world, in order to earn their well-deserved spot in society for their hard work and for what they represent. This can be achieved, by companies that will be interested in sponsoring them solo or as a crew. Their continuous presence of our dancers in a number of competitions around Europe can provide any company the needed place for promotion and advertisement to a variety of people of all ages and of different cultures.

Our dancers are well-known for their craft and they have achieved winning both titles and recognition around Europe. It is understandable that besides the sponsoring part on the competition level, every company could choose one or many of our dancers for their own promotional events and campaigns, photo shootings, entertaining showcases or whatever else someone might think of. We know the capabilities of those dancers thus we are able to provide to our customers alternative plans and ideas in order to maximize the outcome to an impressive level.

Our company is consisted by people that are in both the business and the dancing world. That means that we have the knowledge of what we are selling but also of each market we are focusing on.

Realize that what we offer is unique and beyond anything ordinary. We guarantee that whatever is your company’s focus, our dancers are able to promote it the best way possible either by sponsoring them on competition level or by giving your own clients something different  and memorable if you choose them for a commercial or a showcase for any kind of event.

We focus on each person and our relations with him/her. Those we chose to represent trust us because we have gained their respect on personal level. This is something we want to achieve with our potential clients too. We want to be your first thought, because you trust us.

As a company you want to differ from the rest and we come to make that difference for you!

CEO - Lead Manager George Kavvalakis (BSc, MSc) aka Bboy Blackman

For Bookings Email : info @ hoodgroove.com


List of services

Following is a list of services that each client can choose from

  • Promotional spots and campaigns
  • Promotional showcases
  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Photo shoots
  • Shows (dance, theater, dance theater)
  • Events – Festivals etc
  • Sponsorship (for dance competitions)
  • flash mobs
  • Athletic Clubs support acts (cheerleading through street style dancing
  • Annimation services

This list is indicative. We are at your disposal to analyze any project or proposal in order to find the best and the most impressive deal.

Following is a Popping Show of our popping crew called Music Box, showing a sample of our dancers’ skills.


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Best Dance Group Management Firm - Global Hospitality Awards 2019 Street Entertainment Company of the Year - Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020

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