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Erotokritos Pantazis is also known as Rekoz and he is a gifted dancer who is excellent in Popping and in Hip Hop Party Dance.

He has a lot of distinctions and participations in Greece and in Europe. He has won 1st place at Who’s The One vol.2 2014, 1st place at Stop & Go Cyprus 2014, 1st place Dance Battle Arena 2013, 1st place at Breakin' Bad 2017 & 2018 and more. He has also danced for TEDx Athens 2016 & 2017 part of The Music Box and a mixed hoodgroove team respectifully.


He is also a popping and hip hop party dance instructor and a choreographer. He had participated in many music videoclips of famous artists, while he had done plenty of commercials for well-known companies and he had danced in a lot of showcases.

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  • Crew
  • Type
    Popping, Hip Hop Party Dance
  • Moments
    1st place Breakn Bad, 1st place Whos The One?, 1st place Stop & Go Cyprus, 1st place Dance Battle Arena, 3 times in a row at TEDx Athens
  • Base
    Athens, Greece
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